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  1. I learned about Hope Blooms on Dragon’s Den this evening. You young people made an awesome presentation! Hats off to your mentors for having each of you tell the story of your success. I loved it that your mentors had no speaking part in your presentation and were there only to hand out the salad dressing samples to the Dragons. Your mentors wide smiles said it all. Well done!

  2. I watched Dragon’s Den this evening – what an amazing bunch of kids to stand up an present their story – what a really wonderful project. Hats off to you guys – what a success story.

  3. Hi. .
    Just saw Hope Blooms on Dragon’s Den. . just to let you know how far your msg is getting around. . . Not only in Africa but also seen here in the Netherlands!
    Your presentation was GREAT, Awesome Mentors and VERY VERY inspiring story and Project!!!
    Can’t wait to hear more good things from Hope Blooms in the near future!

  4. What an inspiring story! Your pitch to the Dragons Den was nothing short of amazing. I hope your message resonates across the world, one community at a time. I definitely voted for Hope Blooms in the CBC National contest. I’m spreading your message in Ontario communities.

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