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  1. Fabulous! what a wonderful way for children/young adults to learn on so many levels.
    You must be getting many inquiries and would love to inquire on weather very many people picked up on one of the last comments said by Mr. Treliving when aired. He mentions that this could or should be happening across Canada.
    I live in Calgary Alberta and we do not see grass untill May sometimes Let alone a garden growing season.
    I would love to help organize such a venture. There is so much more that youth can learn about incorporating the power of solar and wind to keep a greenhouse warm and educate youth and adults in a hands on environment about the health and economic value of even being a part of such an enterprise, and form such a sense of community for young people at a time that is so crucial in there lives
    Long story short- what would it take to start a Hope Blooms environment in Calgary? Who could help me with this?
    Hope Blooms, it certainly does!

  2. I love your dressing i bought it for the first time when you were at seaport farmers market,I would love to buy more where can I buy it?

  3. I loved your presentation on Dragon’s den and was so moved by the accomplishment of these kids.Wow! Congratulations. My husband and I love to buy and try new products that are made localy or in the Atlantic province We are from Moncton, NB. Where can we buy your product. would love to try it. They sound delicious and i am positive they are . If not available in NB where in NS as we are often in that Province.
    waiting your response.
    And again, BRAVO for what you are doing. !!!

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