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  1. This Enrique, I emigrated to canada on the 18th of this month, I am a Mexican and also
    A Canadian citizen , I watched tonight your
    Presentation on the dragon’s den.
    It is very impressive what you are doing and very oriented to the tendency to eat natural nutritional products,
    We in México aré involved in similar programas all oriented to social programas
    For. Examplo in a vey poor village we manufacture nutritional products made an
    Ancient seed Amaranthum with only vegetable
    Protein, all geared to the wellness of the population more at riisk of malnutrition,

    As a Mexican Canadien I am very much interested in increase the trade between our
    Countriesj with healthy products, please if in the future you think in exporting , we would to
    Consider Mexico

    I await for your reply by e-mail or phone call , my residence is now Calgary I am blessed and
    Proud to be married to my lovely wife from Altona.

    My information is below

    Mr Enrique Vergara
    Escudo Nutrition SA
    Calgary AB Canada
    Tel 587 532 3250

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