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Mamadou is a 16 year old Junior Executive at Hope Blooms. He is visionary, strategizer and speech writer. He is a BEAST. He does a lot of our social media and public relations. When he is not grinding with Hope Blooms,¬†working as a Jr. Leader at St. George’s Youth Net or taking care of his little sister Icha, he likes camping and playing soccer. He dreams of one day being the CEO of his own company.

“Dreaming is accessible to any human being, but making that dream a reality takes work.” – Mamadou Wade

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  1. Congratulations on your achievements, Mamadou! You are clearly one of the bright lights of our future. There is no doubt in my mind that you will achieve your dream. All my best to you in all your current and future endeavours. :))

    ~ Jeannie

  2. Mamadou
    Words can not express enough my admiration for you and your entire program of Hope Blooms.
    I watched your presentation skills on a Dragons Den and my jaw dropped on a flawless presentation.
    I wish you and your all of your counterparts the sincerest best of luck not only with Hope Blooms but in all your endeavours in life.

  3. What an inspirational and bright young man, to youth and adult alike.
    I saw your presentation on Dragon’s Den as well, and it was well prepared and presented.
    You, your entire team, and the Hope Blooms program, speaks volumes of what can be done.

  4. I want to travel to Halifax to meet you all and see your operation….and taste your salad dressing! just saw the program on TV and I was so moved -congratulations… you are an exceptional group. I wish you all the best and will continue to follow you on your website.

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