Giving Back

Extra Veggies!

P8208152One of the incredible things about the community garden is the amount of respect the community has shown for it. Because it is youth-run, people have a particular reverance for the work they put into it, and everyone chips in to protect it. While there are many people in the community struggling to meet their own food security needs, we have not had much issue with vandalism or theft. Out of appreciation for the respect shown to this space, and an understanding that food is meant to be shared, we started a free food box. As the bounty of the garden explodes in mid-summer, plot holders are encouraged to put their extra produce in a free bin for those who do not have plots in the garden. Who knew that a few fresh and organic carrots and tomatoes gifted to a stranger could make someone’s day!

I was able to give my surplus vegetables to a senior in the community. He thoroughly enjoyed them and wouldn’t otherwise be able to eat this fresh food.
– community plot holder

The Scholarship Fund

One dollar from every bottle of dressing sold is invested into a scholarship fund for the Hope Blooms youth. These youth have big dreams and already at the ages of 9 or 10 understand that it takes a lot of hard work and determination to make them a reality. Finances should not be an obstacle to bettering one’s future or exploring life’s opportunities. Through this scholarship fund, these youth are already investing in their post-secondary education through their venture.

Supporting the Community

Another dollar from the dressing proceeds is donated to a community charity that the youth choose each year. In previous years we have:

  • Donated funds to Adsum House, a shelter for women and children who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness
  • Given a $500 scholarship to a youth in the community not involved in the program, but who was planning to attend college
  • Provided lunches for the Joseph Howe Elementary School Lunch Program
  • Prepared a three course meal for ARK Halifax, an organization for homeless and street-involved youth

These and many other programs are not only providing a valuable service to the community, but teaching youth about the power and ability of giving back.