0822131206-00Tucked away in the parking lot of St. Patrick’s church is our 30’ by 22’ foot hoop house greenhouse. We start all of our own seeds here in the spring and throughout the growing season, the greenhouse is home to cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, basil, rosemary, sage and many more organic fruits and veggies. The youth love coming to this peaceful, warm space and tending to the plants growing up the walls and around each other.

Some of the most magic moments have been running as a large group of laughing children into the greenhouse to take shelter from the rain and sitting quietly under its protective canopy listening to the rain drops in our green-filled amphitheatre.

DSC00171Not only does the greenhouse serve as an over-flowing space to grow our food in, it also functions as a demonstration area where youth and adults alike learn how to start seeds, transplant and tend to crops, and harvest their own food. We host many workshops in here, as well, it is a great meeting place to sit down and enjoy a herbal tea that you can pick yourself.