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The Changemakers Program is an initiative that enables youth to work together to help solve social issues in their community.

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After-school Program for Youth Leadership

The Changemakers Program brings youth together to work on local social issues and find solutions. As well, they contribute to making positive impact through the youths’ own actions while working as a team.

This is an after-school program for Junior Leaders and Youth Leaders of Hope Blooms. Once the scheduling and curriculum is done, others are recruited within Hope Blooms and around the community.

Giving Back to Community

Through this program, a number initiatives have been created:

  • Monthly community suppers
  • Community supported agriculture bike program
  • Soups for seniors program
  • Shared kitchen program
  • Produce donations to initiatives that feed the homeless and insecurely housed
  • Community events and celebrations


The garden provided me with socialization when I didn’t know anyone in the city. It helped me feel connected to and part of the community. It vastly improved my quality of life and the people I have met through it have been lovely.

– Community Garden plot holder

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