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A Hope Blooms Summer

September at Hope Blooms is an interesting time with the youth transitioning back to school after two months of seeing each other and working together so closely every day.
It can seem like summer just flew by if we don't take the time to reflect and appreciate all the moments we've had.

Hope BloomsImpact in the CommunityStories BloomA Hope Blooms Summer
A historic moment for our Hope Blooms family was preparing for our launch at Lowblaws, Maple Leaf Garden in Toronto. Within a week we produced 4,000 of our signature Dressings and 1,000 of our speciality teas, Possibili-Teas. To be Shipped to Toronto. 
Launching our products in Toronto was an amazing experience on many levels. We had the opportunity to meet the Toronto based youth group “Scadding Court Community Centre” the organization that we have chosen to support through the sales of our products at Loblaws Maple Leaf Garden. Through our sales we hope to continue our relationship with Scadding Court through our business experience, urban gardening , and funding for youth to keep planting the seeds to harvest their dreams.
Garden nights are the best part of our summer! Over 50 youth from our community come tend to the garden twice a week, we learn the importance of knowing where our food comes from, how to grow food and be change makers in our own community. Together we grow over 4,000 pounds of food each year directly impacting food insecurity.


“Produce on Pedals” our Community Supported Agriculture was a hit. 15 families were brought food baskets by bike weekly. With support from our local Superstore we were able to provide Bread and fruit along with our locally grown in season vegetables.
3rd summer of our Viola Desmond Outdoor Movie Theatre. The weather tried to dampen our spirits once or twice, but thanks to our friends at the North Branch Public library we were able to screen the films and enjoy time as community.



Our annual farm trip to the valley is always an end of summer Highlight. Visiting Hennigars, Noggins and Queens Land Beach, it’s so fun to get away and see how other people grow food and farm.


This year 6 scholarships were distributed to the alumni of our program. We are so proud of everyone and the schools such as, Dalhousie, St. Francis Xavier, Saint Mary’s, University of Toronto, and Stanford University are beyond lucky to have such exceptional change makers of our future.

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