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Hope Bloom’s Own Little Book Launch!

Hope BloomsImpact in the CommunityStories BloomHope Bloom’s Own Little Book Launch!

We launched a book written by our own youth members, telling the story of the social enterprise they built from the soil up, the struggles of “creating something from nothing,” successfully navigating the world of business, and ultimately building resilience and leaving behind a legacy.

Take a look at what happened on the evening of our book launch! 
On such a special moment, our dear friends at Accomplice worked their magic & we think did justice in capturing the spirit of our event. ❤️

We thank everyone who came out to celebrate and support us! Our community means the world to us!

Including the youth’s words of wisdom, stories, and poetry, and over 75 colour photos. Our book was written by our own, Mamadou Wade and the youth of Hope Blooms, with foreword by Arlene Dickinson of Dragons’ Den. If you’d like to grab a copy of our book, you can get it online HERE!

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