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Shortlisted for 2019 Atlantic Book Awards

We launched a book written by our own youth members, telling the story of the social enterprise they built from the soil up, the struggles of “creating something from nothing,” successfully navigating the world of business, and ultimately building resilience and leaving behind a legacy.

Hope BloomsImpact in the CommunityStories BloomShortlisted for 2019 Atlantic Book Awards

When making this book it was important to create diverse, yet intwining elements that reflect our organization and community at large. Sharing various stories from an abundant perspective in order to provide an authentic feel when attempting to tell our stories. This would never be possible without the help of so many, from personal photo submissions by the youth and writing from the seniors. This book embodies the wide yet diverse spectrum of our ever growing family.

We are so honoured to have been nominated for the 2019 Atlantic Book Awards!

Hope Blooms: Plant a Seed, Harvest a Dream Book
Hope Blooms: Plant a Seed, Harvest a Dream by Mamadou Wade and the youth of Hope Blooms (Nimbus Publishing)


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