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Community Programs

Hope Blooms programs are carried out within a framework of inspiring excellence. Through our thoughts and actions we foster culturally diverse relationships that span many generations and ethnicities.

Hope BloomsImpact in the CommunityCommunity Programs

Core Education Programming

Community Leadership

Youth grow to be inclusive and impactful community leaders in a marginalized environment. Each year more than 50 youth grow over 3,000 pounds of organic produce in and for their community. They also grow pride and a sense of belonging in community, and a social enterprise that builds brighter futures, from the ground up, while giving back to the community.

Cultural Relevance

Our goal is to foster culturally relevant and collaborative ecosystems with integrity. Inclusivity and embracing diversity are core to everything we do, from welcoming new neighbors with open arms to inviting friends from all walks of life to take part in our programming. We collaborate with mentors from our local universities, community college, junior high and high schools, as well as many local restaurants, businesses, and organizations.

Hope Blooms youth work in their garden

Innovation in Urban Agriculture Education

From hands-on skill-building in agriculture to designing and operating an off-the-grid greenhouse, youth have access to a suite of non-traditional educational programming. Working with mentors, youth take the lead in being stewards of our environment. They learn best practices in organic food growing, food systems, ecosystems. Youth also participate in creating a Food Charter for Halifax Regional Municipality and engage in meetings working towards a National Food Policy.


Hope Blooms has found that when people come together to create a positive impact in the communities in which they live, the social determinants of health are directly impacted, particularly education, food security, social inclusion, and safety support networks. We have created a social entrepreneurial environment where people, regardless of age or socio-economic status, can work together to build capacity and employment while giving back to the community.

Learn more about the youth programs in our community

Youth Urban Agriculture
In this innovative program, youth learn to grow food in their organic food gardens and greenhouse.
Culinary & Cultural Arts
Youth learn from our Red Seal chef, Natasha Jollymore, community members enjoy our summer farmers market, we host community suppers…
Mentorship & Tutoring
Shaped by youths’ interests, this program develops self-efficacy, strong support networks, and employment & life skills.
The Changemakers Program is an initiative that enables youth to work together to help solve social issues in their community.
Green Labs
Green Labs is a STEM education program for Hope Blooms children and youth. As well as workshops for schools to…
Fair Food
Especially during Covid-19, it became extra important for us to keep up food security through our emergency food baskets.
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