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Youth Urban Agriculture

In this innovative program, youth learn to grow food in their organic food gardens and greenhouse.

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Youth Organic Urban Agriculture Program

Youth learn to grow food in our 4,000 square feet of organic food gardens seasonally and grow year round in our greenhouse.

In this program, referred to as mixed science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, the youth acquire skills in:

  • seed and plant anatomy
  • crop planning and harvest
  • small urban agro-ecosystem design
  • food garden design
  • soil management
  • plant nutrition
  • management of organic fertilizers (including composts)
  • organic methods for the management of pests
  • vermiculture
  • indoor growth management
  • designing and building indoor irrigation systems
  • plant and agro-ecology
  • creating and maintaining seed libraries

This program is supported by the Halifax Community Investment Fund.

Over the past 7 years youth have grown over 21,000 pounds of organic vegetables and fruit for community members dealing with food insecurity, all free of charge.

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