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Mentorship & Tutoring

Shaped by youths’ interests, this program develops self-efficacy, strong support networks, and employment & life skills.

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Culturally-relevant Mentorship Program for Youth 12 – 18

This program runs year-round and is shaped by the youths’ interests, with a focus on developing self-efficacy, strong support networks, employment and life skills, and a passion for higher education.

The programming includes:

  • Weekly tutoring in core school subjects
  • Working with mentors to explore career options
  • Visiting workplaces and leaders in their professional settings
  • Leadership development

How to Join the Program

The mentorship and tutoring program is open to current members of Hope Blooms. If a youth expresses an interest in a certain field, Hope Blooms reaches out to the community to pair them up with a mentor.

The program scheduling is flexible to meet the needs of youth and mentors. It is worked around school, extracurriculars and other Hope Blooms activity, and the availability of mentors. Regular meetings could be weekly, bi weekly, or monthly, even one-offs.

How to Volunteer as a Mentor

Are you interested in volunteering as a youth mentor or tutor? Please email Let us know:

  • The field you work in and your position
  • What you can offer in terms of work environment, skills transfer, etc.
  • Your time availability

If we have an interested youth we will organize a meeting. Note, this is not a work placement or internship, although it could potentially grow into one.

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