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Culinary & Cultural Arts

Youth learn from our Red Seal chef, Natasha Jollymore, community members enjoy our summer farmers market, we host community suppers - and there's lots of good food.

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Food Without Borders and Cultural Arts Program

  • After long 2 years of a Global Pandemic, and increased numbers in food insecurity, we started our latest program Food Without borders. Members of the community from different cultures will come together to cook a meal from their country of origin while sharing stories associated with the plate. The rest of the participants will help cook this meal for over 200 people, unifying the community as well as promoting diversity and multicultural environments.
  • Viola Desmond Outdoor Theatre at their garden site in the summer of 2015. Over 70 community members came out each Thursday evening in July and August to enjoy a free film. Subtitles were provided in different languages so that all members of our community could feel included.
  • We have include multicultural actives in all the programming we provide our youth, in order to give everyone a chance to embrace where they come from. We invite community members down to speak with our youth, and collaborate with other organizations to provide unique and engaging activities to all.

Culinary Arts Program

The Culinary Arts program is a weekly after school program, led by our Red Seal Chef Natasha Jollymore who is the Chef and Manager of Food Programs at Hope Blooms. The hands-on curriculum is created with youth involvement and based on a first year Culinary Institute course.

Youth learn:

  • Food literacy skills
  • Nutritional value skills
  • Culinary terminology
  • Development of culturally relevant recipes
  • Kitchen and food production management
  • Hygiene and food safety
  • Menu development
  • Money management and shopping on a limited budget
  • Cultural customs and traditions around food and celebrations

In addition, the youth test their skills learning about creative culinary methods with a competitive edge. They host our community suppers and prepare food for more than 150 people. They also participate in culinary competitions every 6 classes, where they are given the opportunity to show off their skills.

Our youth participate in the culinary program from ages 12-18. This gives them a true sense of confidence in the kitchen, a valuable skill as they go on to be independent and provide for themselves. At the end of the program, all youth study for and obtain their Safe Food Handlers designation.

This program is supported by the Halifax Community Investment Fund.

In 2016, 4 of our youth received their Masters Organic Gardeners Certification – the youngest in Canada to receive this University credit.

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